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Kenosha Wedding Reception Halls
What are the top Kenosha wedding reception dinner ideas?
The sky’s the limit when it comes to wedding reception dinner ideas near Kenosha. Don’t feel confined to a certain main course---or even to a traditional meal service. Instead, choose a wedding caterer with the versatility to personalize your menu, and the ability to flawlessly execute an exquisite wedding reception dinner, such as:

• Themed dinners. If your wedding details revolve around a certain theme, such as a holiday wedding or Mexican vacation, ask your caterer to have specific dishes related to your theme at the tasting.

• Farmhouse food. A farmhouse meal is perfect for a barn wedding, an outdoor wedding with a country feel, or at one of Kenosha’s rustic wedding halls. Think delicious finger foods to start your guests off, followed by fresh vegetables, a delectable main course, salads---all presented in a style that matches your dream country, rustic, or farmhouse wedding.

• Creative finger foods. Appetizers are an excellent way to welcome your guests and give them a preview of the wonderful event that lies ahead. To set your wedding atmosphere from the moment your guests walk through the door, ask your caterer about recommendations for finger foods that fit with every detail of your wedding.

• Picnic. A wedding picnic wouldn’t be complete without a delicious summer picnic menu. Search for a caterer with experience and the creativity to personalize your dishes to fit with your unique summer picnic.

Want more ideas for your wedding reception dinner? Browse through wedding reception dinner ideas on your caterer’s social media channels to get ideas and peruse the endless list of potential dishes and presentation for your wedding reception.
What are the options for wedding meal service?
Once you’ve decided what wedding reception dinner ideas are right for your wedding day, discuss with your wedding caterer the kind of meal service you prefer for your guests (and fits your budget). You typically have three meal service options, but don’t hesitate to ask your wedding caterer about a hybrid of your favorite meal service options.

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Plated Meal (Sit Down)
A plated meal is a more formal meal service option, perfect for couples with a guest count and desire to keep the dinner choices simple. All guests are served the meal they selected in advance, typically in courses, with each plated meal containing the same dishes. If you want a plated meal, but aren’t crazy about some of the specifics of a plated meal, ask your preferred caterer about a semi sit down menu option.

Pros: plated meals are efficient in the amount of serving time and food prepared, less leftover food, plated meal requires less space in your wedding hall than a buffet dinner or buffet stations, no lines for guests to wait in
Cons: not ideal for guests with dietary restrictions or picky eaters, requires more staffing to execute
Buffet Dinner/Buffet Stations
A buffet dinner is perfect for a casual dinner and can be in the form of a long buffet table or a series of buffet stations. Guests wait in line at either option, and select the dishes they prefer; at cooking stations, they can even give direction as to how exactly they would like their meal prepared. Buffet stations are a fun and creative trend with tables of dishes scattered around the wedding hall, typically lessening the length of lines---and waiting time for your guests. If you are interested in buffet stations, make sure you contact a caterer with experience in this interactive meal service option for a smooth, and delicious, wedding reception.

Pros: couples can get really creative with buffet dish options and buffet stations, perfect for themed weddings, guests have a variety of choices at the buffet or at each buffet station
Cons: buffet stations or a buffet dinner requires a larger wedding hall with adequate space for serving, typically more leftover food, guests need to stand in line for their dinner at the buffet or buffet station
Family Style Meal
A family style meal is reminiscent of your favorite family holiday meals: your guests are seated around a table, just like at Grandma’s, with servers presenting platters of food at each table. Guests pass the platters around the table, giving them the freedom to choose what dishes and the portion size they prefer on their plates.

Pros: guests get a large variety of dishes to choose from, requires less time than a buffet because there aren’t lines, don’t need space in wedding hall like for a buffet station
Cons: family style meals require larger tables to accommodate platters of food, more leftover food

When you research costs for your wedding reception dinner, ask your caterer for a quote with the same menu and different meal service options. You may find that a particular meal service option fits comfortably within your budget, giving you the memorable dinner of your dreams---and your guests a meal and experience to rave about.
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