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Caterers in Milwaukee, 53212
How can I select the right Milwaukee caterer for my wedding?
Our Milwaukee catering customer testimonials include phrases like, “We used them for our wedding two years ago and we’re still getting compliments.” “Much more than great food!” “Great food and great service.” “The food and service were amazing.” If you want to find a caterer that leaves you---and your guests---uttering those same praises after your wedding, start your wedding planning off right by select the right caterer for your big day.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a hard core foodie to choose the right Milwaukee wedding caterer, but you do have to do your research. If you have friends who were recently married, ask them for their for their personal customer testimonial (or for their suggestion of a wedding caterer you shouldn’t contact!). The next step is to narrow your caterer options and start contacting local wedding caterers for information on their services. The right wedding caterer checks off all these boxes on your checklist.

• Availability to work on your set wedding date (and at your venue).

• Cost-per-plate or total cost (with fees and charges) that fits within your budget.

• Offers all the services you need (i.e. wait staff, bartending, linens, tableware, reception supplies).

• Can provide customer testimonials that prove past experience and quality services.

• Makes delicious food (determined at tasting-contact your caterer to schedule a tasting).

If you need a full list of questions to ask your caterer before and after you’ve booked their services, we’ve provided this list of questions to use when you contact your preferred wedding caterer in Milwaukee.

Chef Jack's Catering of Milwaukee, 53212 offers the best fine service and event planning for weddings, corporate events and specialty parties. Call Chef Jack’s Catering Company at 262-549-5558.
What is the cost of wedding caterers in Milwaukee?
Affordable Wedding Caterers in Milwaukee. Call Chef Jack’s Catering Company at 262-549-5558 for Wedding and Event Planning Caterers.
The cost of a wedding catering company in Milwaukee is not a black-and-white question; the true cost of a wedding caterer depends on several factors. One of the most influential factors in the total cost of your wedding dinner is the type of dinner service you choose. There are commonly three options for dinner service:
Sit Down Wedding Dinner by Caterer Chef Jack's
Chef Jack's Catering a Sit Down Wedding Dinner near Milwaukee, 53212.  Chef Jack's Catering of Milwaukee, 53212 offers the best fine service and event planning for weddings, corporate events and specialty parties.
A sit down wedding dinner is just what it says: a plated meal put before each guest at dinner. Typically, a sit down meal starts with assorted rolls at each table (depending on your preference) and can consist of numerous courses over the dinner hour. A plated meal is usually charged as cost-per-plate, though you can save money by knowing the exact number of guests attending (this saves you from paying for meals that weren’t used). The biggest benefit of a sit down wedding dinner is that you can save your guests from having to wait in long lines to be served. If you want a sit down wedding dinner, but aren’t crazy about some of the specifics of sit down dinner, ask your wedding caterer in Milwaukee about a semi sit down menu option.
Buffet Dinner by Chef Jack's Catering Company
A buffet dinner is becoming more popular among couples today, especially with the variety of dinner menu choices. Couples can choose from a variety of choices (if they choose the right wedding caterer) such as a Mexican buffet dinner, traditional wedding cuisine, or a more whimsical, theme-based menu. Typically, during the dinner, wedding guests are sent up to the buffet (or buffet stations) for their wedding dinner in groups. Buffet costs tend to be lower, but some guests may be dissatisfied with having to stand in a line. If you decide you want a really unique buffet dinner menu for your special day, make sure you ask your wedding caterer about sampling some of those specific dishes at your tasting.

Chef Jack's Catering of Milwaukee, 53212 offers the best fine service and event planning for weddings, corporate events and specialty parties. Call Chef Jack’s Catering Company at 262-549-5558.
Chef Jack's Catered Family Style Meal
Think of a family style meal as bringing the buffet to the table: platters of food are passed around the tables with your wedding dinner dishes. Each guest takes their portion and passes the platter on to the next guest. Couples that prefer this kind of dinner service should choose tables with adequate space for the platters, and wedding caterers with experience in a family style meal for an optimal guest experience.

If you have any questions about wedding dinner services, dishes, or the cost of sit down wedding dinner, family style meal, or buffet, don’t be afraid to contact your wedding caterer via email, phone, or social media. A quality wedding caterer provides not only a fantastic dinner service, but also great customer service from the beginning of your wedding planning until your special day.

Chef Jack’s has built it’s reputation with some of Wisconsin’s finest companies by providing excellent food and great service when it’s most important.

Local Catering Company Chef Jack's now services all of Southeastern Wisconsin.
Call Chef Jack’s Catering Company at 262-549-5558.
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